Time gets away from me. Snagging season is coming to an end soon and it’s ben a good year so far. A new world record spoonbill was made. 164 pounds.  Bass fishing has been good for numbers. Next year should produce more keepers size fish.  Crappie fishing needs help. We need a ten inch size limit in the hole state. This will let the smaller fish spawn to insure better fishing for numbers and size. 
 3 - 9 - 24  Fishing Report  With all the warm weather fishing is picking up. Rain and wind have put some color in the water and the fish are getting shallow.  Crappie are on the windy banks but you need Shad  close by. Pink was a good color in stain water  Book a trip and let’s go catch some fish.  White bass are in the middle of coves and trolling will get you some. 
 3 - 4 - 24 Fishing Report  Found sone nice crappie Saturday over deep water. We used a jerk bait to catch them but once the wind got high we couldn’t stay on them. Tried a bobber  but no luck then shooting docks 
 3 - 1 - 24 Fishing Report.  People are starting to think about fishing so I better report what I’ve been doing.  Last trip out wasn’t bad only four fish but three good ones on a jig. One small one on crank bait. I was fishing below the dam on river.  A few days before I was on lake fishing for crappie. It was a bit slow but the rogue bite was good for bigger crappie. Some people are bobber fishing with sone luck the weather was in the 70’s so there should be warmer water in the coves.  Their running water every day with five or more feet on river. Lake is coming down but slow. This may hold the fish out away from the bank.  Spoon bill fishing starts on 15 March. Hope we get sone rain to move them up the river. 
 12 - 30 - 2023 fishing Report.  Things are changing the water temperature has dropped into the high 40’s. Crappie are schooling up a little better and their  shallow around ten to twelve feet. I went out with a guy and both of us got nice limits. We tried bass fishing once we limited out on crappie. We hit four or five points and got bass on three  of them. Two points had good two and three pound fish and one had numbers of bass but no keepers. Spinnerbait, jigs, jerk baits and even a crank bait. This helps get me going I’ll have to pick my days but that’s winter fishing. 
 12 - 6 - 2023. Fishing Report Bass fishing has.been hot and cold for big fish as well as numbers of fish. For me they keep moving every day. I’ll blame it on a number of thing that are different this year. We have really clear water, lake level is low because of no rain. Temperature is high and lots of winter tournaments.  Crappie have not gotten into their winter patterns as well. We’re catching them but some days are better than others. Fishing docks, deep brush or windy points they all work but not every day. 
 11 - 29 - 2023. Fishing Report  2023 has been a year of little rain for Lake Of The Ozarks. It’s December and the lake is already low almost as low as it can get. Most of the crappie are out over deeper water but only about ten feed deep. Jerk bait will catch sone nice ones but you may have to keep moving to limit out. Docks and deep brush are slow.  Bass will move to windy points as long as the wind is blowing. Again jerk baits A rig and some jig are working for me. I’ll try crank baits tomorrow to see if that’s working.  Hope we get some rain this spring  I don’t know why but the river below the dam sucks. I’m told MDC put a net above the dam and the bait fish mainly Shad can’t get to the river. The bass, crappie and cat fishing has been pour the last two years. We do have a big supply of Asian carp on the river. 🤮🤮🤮